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Favorite Girl #8

Kingston’s POV

When I heard about Stella’s tour, I tried to ignore the news. I didn’t want her to leave. I loved having my dramatic twin around because it kept my parents focused on her and not on whatever I was up to. I was always somewhat annoyed by her, but that was only because we had been together all our lives. I didn’t know what I was going to do without her when she left for three months.

I ignored it until we got to the night before she was leaving. I continued to ignore it as she went out for one last hurrah with Asher. I didn’t know if she was going to break up with him or not, since it was pretty obvious their on-again-off-again relationship wouldn’t make it long distance.

I went to bed early, since Kenzie had gone to a cheer competition and I was on Reese duty, falling to sleep shortly after I put her down. But it didn’t last. I woke up at midnight to Reese’s faint sobs. Always unable to sleep through her tears, I got up and walked into her room.

“What’s wrong, pretty girl?” I picked her up and she laid her warm forehead on my shoulder. I felt her again to make sure, but I was pretty sure she had a fever. She clung tightly to me as I walked upstairs to find my mom, since I had no idea what to do. It being my parents last night together for a while, I debated on whether or not I really wanted to see what was going on upstairs. I was surprised to find the door open and my mom still packing as I walked in.

“Can you feel her forehead? I think she has a temperature? I don’t know what to do.”

“She does feel really warm. You can give her some of the baby Motrin down in her bathroom. It’s orange. And you can put a cold washcloth on her head.” She smiled as she rubbed Reese’s back.

“Mom, you can’t leave. What if Reese gets sick while you’re gone?”

“I get no credit around here!” My dad tried to joke as he looked up from his phone.  “I was here the entire time you kids were growing up. I dealt with just as many sick kids as she did!”

“Your dad will know what to do.” My mom laughed. “And I am only a phone call away.” She smiled and then turned back to her suitcase, which she zipped up. 

“Goodnight, Kingston.” My dad shooed me out of the room as I stood trying to think of more things to convince my mom to stay.

I walked all the way downstairs and found the medicine. I gave it to her before I walked upstairs to get her a cup of milk.

“Hey stranger.” Stella smiled as I walked past the living room. “Why have you been avoiding me for the last two weeks?”

“Because I’m sick of your face.” I retorted, walking into the kitchen. Stella followed me, pestering me and trying to figure out why Reese wasn’t in bed. She followed down the stairs to Reese’s room, where she tried to help me out and take her. Reese clung to me as I sat down in her rocking chair. Stella sprawled out on the pink rug, staring at the ceiling.

“Don’t you have something else to be doing?” I asked, wondering why she was being so insistent on being with Reese and I when all I really wanted to do was get Reese to sleep so I could go to bed.

“It’s our last night together before I leave. What if I want to hang out with my little brother? This is going to be the longest we have ever been apart.”

“I know.” I nodded. “It’s going to be such a nice break.”

“Shut up.” She laughed. “What are you going to do without me?”

“I’m sure Reese will keep me busy.” I said quietly. “First Annie left, now you.”

“At least I’m coming back.”

“You don’t think Annie is going to come back?” I had wondered for months, but I hadn’t ever said it out loud. No one had. Her move to New York had shocked all of us and she hadn’t been home once since then. Besides my parents flying out to see her every couple of months, no one had seen her.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t ever leave New York. I think she’s finally getting free of the life she always hated. I’m getting to open up in the garden, which will probably be one of the biggest moment in my music career, and I doubt she will be in attendance. She doesn’t want to be a Bieber anymore.”

“Have you talked to her in a while?”

“No. She stopped returning my phone calls. She stopped texting back. I know she’s busy, but it’s not like I am sitting on my butt all day. If she wants to drop us, then fine. I have a life and I’m not going to sit around worrying about her. She was in a dark place when she left us. Hopefully she’s getting better; maybe moving away and forgetting about us is the only way she’s going to find peace.”

“Promise me you won’t pull an Annie and leave forever.”

“Are you kidding? Whereas Annie hates everything about our lives, I can’t get enough of it. I love my family and my precious niece and my boyfriend. I’ll be back.”

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Please post!!

Studying for my midterm tomorrow isn’t going so well, so you guys are getting a short Kingston-centered post! And then hopefully another one this weekend!

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Please post!! ☺️

I have a lot of the next post written, but I also have midterms for the next two days so if I decide to not study, you might get a post. But I’m going to try to study. So we’ll see.

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The fact that you put justin in warms my heart , made me cry 😭 I'm kind of confused I forgot about madelyns and justins kids its Stella , Kingston , Aria that's it right ? I love you so much and your work 😩💘

Hahah I love getting your messages. Aria, Stella and Kingston are the kids at home. Aniston (the oldest) is in NYC

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Is there ever going to be a saying goodbye pt.2?

i was thinking about that when i looked through the one shot page today! It made me really sad to write the first part…but i’m not going to say that i’ll never go back to it. maybe.

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perfect post :D

Thank you!!

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Great chapter!


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I've just finished re-reading STL, and the last couple chapters made me cry (for the 2nd time lol) because it made me realize to stop being rude and be careful what Im saying to mom because I'm always arguing with her for stupid things. But anyways thank you taking your time writing an incredible story. And right now if I lost my mom I don't know what I'll do, because I have no one but just her, she raised me all by herself. for the second time THANK YOU ☺️ AND I LOVE YOU🙊💗 you're amazing!!

Thank you so much, anon! STL may be over but it will never get old to get messages like this! :)

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I hope you're enjoying writing more now

I am! :) Thanks!!

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could you please post the link in which kenzie and kingston had sex?

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Favorite Girl #7

Kenzie’s POV

“Stella, we are not done talking about this!” I heard Justin yell but Stella was already down the stairs in the kitchen where I was letting Reese out of her high chair from dinner.

“Ready to go?” She smiled as she flipped her straightened curls behind her ear. “We are going to go pick up Alyssa and meet the boys at our surprise location.”

“Yeah, just let me run Reese upstairs to your parents.”

As I walked up the stairs, I could hear yelling between Madelyn and Justin. It was obviously related to Stella, and I kept hearing Madelyn say things about allowing her to grow up and have a career. As much as I didn’t want to interrupt or get involved, I couldn’t just leave Reese by herself downstairs. I stood in the doorway for a second, but neither one of them noticed as they were too into their conversation.

“We are leaving.” I said quietly as I knocked on their open door. “Are you sure you want to babysit tonight?”

“Yes, sweetie.” Madelyn smiled at me. “I will take this one. You go have fun.”

Kingston’s POV

“Kingston, I don’t want to do this either but Stella insisted.” Asher told me for the third time as we sat outside of the pizza joint he and Stella frequented.

“When are you going to start putting me, your best friend for the past seventeen years, before Stella, your on-and-mostly-off girlfriend for the past two years?”

“I love her, dude. I try to keep the peace when I can, and I can do that right now. You are coming. End of story.”

“You’re whipped.”

“You’ll understand when you actually fall in love someday. Maybe Alyssa is the one. Let’s find out.”

I begrudgingly got out of the car and walked over to Oliver’s car. The three of us walked inside to where the girls had already gotten a table. I was going to try to sit as far away from Kenzie as possible, but Stella of course had made that impossible by putting Kenzie in the middle of the table. I sat on the left end, across from Alyssa and next to Kenzie’s date, Oliver.

“Hey Kingston.” Alyssa smiled. She was cute, but not my type. With strawberry blonde hair and freckles, she was almost taller than me. She was on the basketball team and one of the star players, so we had sports in common. But as much as I wasn’t into her, I was not going to let Kenzie or Stella know that. 

“Hey! How have you been? I’ve been meaning to ask you out all year, I just keep losing my nerve.”

“You know Kingston, never manning up to anything. Kind of cowardly if you’d ask me.” Kenzie giggled to Alyssa and then when right back to her conversation with Oliver.

I felt my blood beginning to boil as I tried to comprehend what was happening. Why was she ruining my date? If she was going to play dirty, then so could I.

“Kenzie, did you know that Oliver rides dirt bikes? And loves to get muddy? Since you are such an OCD neat freak I’m sure that won’t bother you at all, right?”

She shot me a glance and ignored me, but I wasn’t done yet.

Kenzie’s POV

“King, tonight was supposed to be fun for both of you! This wasn’t a set up! I wanted you to both see each other having fun and realize it’s okay for you to both be happy with other people!” Stella was still yelling at Kingston as we walked into the house not even two hours later.

“I’m guessing the double bind date didn’t go as planned?” Madelyn laughed from Justin’s arms on the couch. He was sound asleep as a movie played, but she was just laughing at the three of us.

“Kingston and Kenzie didn’t prove to me that they aren’t interested in each other because they both decided to point out each other’s flaws to their dates. They left before the pizza was even brought to the table!”

“Well, Stel, maybe next time you won’t meddle in someone else’s love life. Kingston and Kenzie will find their soul mates, they just need a little time. Let them figure out this weird situation they have gotten themselves into.”

Stella and I sat down on the couch opposite Madelyn and Justin as Kingston left the room, probably headed down to his room.

“Stella, I talked to your dad, he’s in.”

“He’s in?! You can come?! I can go?!” She smiled for the first time since our dates had ran scared out of the restaurant. “You are the best, Mom!” She grinned and popped off of the couch to hug Madelyn.

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” I asked.

“Can I tell her?” Stella looked like she was about to burst as Madelyn nodded. “I’m going on tour! Christina Easton asked me to be her opening act!”

“On tour?!” I tried to sound excited, but I couldn’t hide the shock. “But her tour starts,”

“In two weeks! It’s fast but I’m going! We wrap up on set next week and then I have three months off from filming, which means Mom and I are going!”

“You’re leaving?” I said as I looked at Madelyn.

“Kenzie, I promise I will figure out something for Reese. It’s only for a couple of months. Forty-three cities and then we will be home.”

As I forced a smile and nodded, I couldn’t believe that Madelyn and Stella were leaving. I had always known that the Biebers would do anything for their kids, but this was a kind of love I had never seen. Madelyn was willing to put her entire life on hold for three months to let her daughter go on tour and open up for one of the biggest tours of the year? Christina Easton was great and exclusive. She was going to be playing sold-out venues all of the country, and now Stella was going to be a part of that. And my life was about to change again as my current motherly-figure and the closest thing I had to a sister went galavanting across the country.

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What was said about Kezies history from before.

I’m pretty sure she’s an only child, hahah. And I think that’s the extent of it. Her parents told her not to bother coming home if she didn’t take care of the pregnancy, leading her to move in with the Biebers.

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As the story progresses are we going to get more background info on Kenzie?

Or maybe as soon as you send me your ideas as to what Kenzie’s background info is….hahah

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Favorite Girl #6

Kenzie’s POV

“What’s going on, kids?” Justin walked into the living room, assessing the situation. Maddie was right behind him, also looking curious.

“Kenzie brought her date home and they were making out in front of Reese!”

“We were not making out!” I got defensive. “He kissed me once.” 

“I’m going to go. It’s been fun, Kenzie.” Hunter nearly ran out of the house as soon as it got weird with the Biebers involved.

“I cannot believe you! You are such a hypocrite! Kylie can come over and play with Reese, but my dates can’t?!”

“Kylie and I weren’t making out in front of her!”

“It was one kiss!” I yelled.

“Yeah,” Kingston rolled his eyes, “We all know that one kiss led to Reese, so I don’t want her to be present when you start slutting it up again.”

“Child of mine, apologize or wash your mouth out with soap.” I heard Madelyn say sternly, disrupting our argument.

“Haven’t we taught you how to talk to women?” Justin growled at him and I suddenly felt like I had won this battle. “Especially the woman that will be in your life forever, no matter what?”

Kingston just ignored them as he followed their lead and sat down on the couch. I eyed Reese, who was happily playing by herself, but I sat down as well. Madelyn and Justin sat in silence for a moment, but I could see they were both thinking. It was like they could communicate without having to speak, but Madelyn was the first to speak when they had thought it out.

“New rule: no dates meet Reese unless you are in a serious, committed relationship.”

“Fine.” We both said simultaneously. 

Kingston’s POV

“I don’t know why you guys are so unfair. Why do you like her so much?!” I yelled at my parents after Reese and Kenzie had gone downstairs. I had sat on the couch trying to watch a football game, but my anger was growing. I went upstairs and walked into my parents bedroom as upset as ever.

“Kingston, really?” My mom just rolled her eyes. “You’re our son, we will always love you, no matter what. You know that. But Kenzie is the mother of our granddaughter, we love her too.”

“You are always taking her side!”

“How are we taking her side?” My dad laughed. “You are both allowed to date, we just don’t want to see your dates around here.”

“How are you not angry at her?! She ruined my life! She ruined your life!”

“You seem to forget that there were two people to blame for that, son. Now please, if we are done with this conversation, I would love to go to bed.”

I didn’t even say anything as I stormed out of their room and down to the living room. Stella was on the couch as I sat down on the other one.

“When did you get home?” I asked.

“Asher just dropped me off. Why are you so upset?”

“Kenzie went on a date with Hunter tonight that ended with them making out on that couch! In front of Reese! So now Mom and Dad have a rule that none of our dates meet Reese. How unfair is that?!”

“Maybe it’s for the better, King. Reese already has a lot of drama in her life, maybe it will just make her life easier not to get attached to all of the temporary boyfriends and girlfriends you two will have.” She shrugged. “Is that really why you are upset?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You sure you aren’t upset that Kenzie went out with someone? You’re not jealous?”

“No, Stella.” I rolled my eyes at the thought. “I loathe Kenzie. If some other guy wants to put up with her, I would gladly let him. Though I have no idea who would want to date her. She’ll be lucky if Hunter ever wants to date her again.” 

Not wanting to be a part of this discussion any longer, I got up and headed out of the room.

“King, I think you need to realize that someday, when Kenzie does find the kind of good man she deserves, he’s going to get to be Reese’s daddy, too. So maybe you should want her to find a good guy, too.”

Kenzie’s POV

It was no surprise that Hunter never texted or called, and avoided me at school the next week. I wouldn’t have been surprised if any Oxford Academy guy had been permanently scared of ever asking me out. I came with baggage. My life was complicated. I was living in my baby daddy’s house, with my baby. I couldn’t imagine who would willingly want to step into that situation.

By the time I made it home on Friday night, I was completely convinced that I would never have a date again.

“Hey Kenz, what’s up?” Stella asked as she walked into my room almost as soon as I got home. Since she wasn’t in school and she had Fridays off from filming, she had watched Reese for the day to give Madelyn and Justin a day to go to New York. 

“Nothing?” I raised my eyebrow, sensing that she was up to something.

“Want to go on a blind date tomorrow night?”

“With who?”

“I don’t know. One of Asher’s friends.”

“What’s the catch?”

“King is going to be there, too. On a blind date with Alyssa.”

“Don’t you have enough drama in your own life? Do we really need to create that kind of mess?”

“You only think it’s going to be a mess because you and Kingston both have feelings for each other and you won’t admit it. So I’m going to make you guys face it. And I’m going to need to get out of the house tomorrow night, so let’s do it.”

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes. “I don’t think you’ll get Kingston to agree to it, but if he does I guess I am in.”

“You won’t regret it!” Stella squealed as she excitedly ran out of my room. 

“I think I probably will.” I sighed as I sat down on the floor next to Reese, who just smiled innocently at me.

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post tonight?

going to try!

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Justin Bieber fanfictions! Three main stories, Somebody To Love, Catching Feelings and Already Broken. Start at the beginning by using the links on the top! I also do one shots by request!

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