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Recovery #29

Carson’s POV

I felt my heart drop as Heather said those words.

“Come quick. It’s Sophie.” 

Justin and I both dropped our tense conversation as we followed Heather out of my dressing room and towards the main backstage area.

“Oh my god!” I yelled as I saw Sophie laying on the ground, her tiny segway on the ground beside her. There was blood everywhere. “Sophie?!”

“Someone call 9-1-1!” Justin yelled as we both reached her and bent down over her small body.

“Sophie, can you hear me?!” I asked her as calmly as I could.

It took a second before her eyes flashed open and she broke into giggles.

“Gotcha!” She laughed. “You’re right, Daddy, pranking people is fun.”

“You scared me, girly! Don’t do that!” I laughed as I helped her off the ground. “You gave me a heart attack!”

“Carson, you have two minutes before you need to be on stage,” Dave laughed through his tears. He had been in on it. It was obvious that Sophie hadn’t come up with the prank on her own. Heather and Dave were both laughing, so they had to have been in on it. I just laughed as I kissed Sophie’s forehead and quickly got ready to go on stage.

Justin’s POV

“We got you guys good!” Dave laughed, but I wasn’t laughing.

“Damn it, Dave! Don’t do that!” I growled under my breath as I walked to my dressing room. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. I should’ve been laughing that Sophie had inherited my love for pranks, but I had been so close. Carson was beginning to actually open up to me. But now that was ruined. It had taken me four days to get Carson to actually sit in a room and talk with me. How was I ever going to convince her to talk to me now?

I pouted in my room, trying to make a plan. How could I get her in the same room with me again? How could I keep her from running away without literally tying her down and holding her there? How was I ever going to get her to even look at me, let alone listen to me?

And then it hit me; we were going to be on stage together. She wouldn’t be able to run away or even act annoyed by me. She would have to take it. This was going to be great, I thought as I got up and ready to go on stage.

Carson’s POV

My set was as uneventful as always. The crowd was fun and exhilarating after several days of not being on stage. It wasn’t my set I was worried about, though.

As soon as I went on stage with Justin, I could sense that this was going to be awkward. Instead of doing our original blocking, where we spent a majority of the time on separate sides of the stage, Justin almost immediately walked to me. 

I had spent my week avoiding him, but as he started to serenade me, I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy on stage. I couldn’t exactly run away from him when I had hundreds and thousands of fans watching. I couldn’t even give him a harsh glare without it being documented by thousands of people.

As he sang, he started to move his hand towards my face, so I instinctively put my hand out to stop him. Instead of putting his hand on my face, his palm met my palm and his fingers intertwined with mine. For a second, I didn’t want to pull away. But then he squeezed my hand and I felt awkward. I still didn’t know how I felt and I didn’t want to find out in front of the city of Montreal.

Oh my god, I thought as I tried to walk away from him, people were taking pictures. Evan was going to see these pictures. He was going to know. 

Justin’s POV

“What the hell was that?” Carson snapped at me as soon as I walked into the bus after the show. We started moving almost immediately, since the crowds were outrageous. 

“Where’s Sophie? And everyone else?”

“Sophie went to bed as soon as I brought her out here. Heather and Dave stayed on the other bus until we stop so that she could sleep,” Carson answered my question quickly. “So let’s talk, Justin. I don’t want to have a repeat of tonight.”

She sat herself down on the couch and pulled her legs up under herself. I followed her, sitting on the other end of the couch.

“I think we need to be honest with ourselves here,” She sighed heavily. 

“I completely agree,” I nodded. I couldn’t believe that I was hearing these words. Was it really going to be that easy to get Carson to open up? I noticed her hesitating and decided I would be the first to be honest.

“Carson, I have,” I was one word away from admitting my feelings to her when she interrupted.

“We need to forget it ever happened,” She said quickly.

“What?” I couldn’t hide the shock in my voice.

“Let’s just forget about it and go back to being friends. It took us so long to become friends again, Justin. I want to have that friendship back. We didn’t even know what we were doing. We were so drunk.”

“We were really drunk,” I agreed, trying to figure out what I was going to do. Was I going to tell her how I was feeling?

“I know you haven’t had feelings for me in a long time; I know that our relationship is all in the past. That’s fine with me,” She sighed heavily and I kept quiet. I knew there was something more she was getting ready to say.

“It took me so long to find happiness after you, but I finally have it. I finally found someone who actually loves me and wants to marry me, so I really think it would be best if we never mentioned that night again. Evan makes me happy. I want to be with Evan.” 

Marry her? Evan was going to marry her? She was going to marry Evan? But she didn’t even love him. She loved me. Didn’t she?

“Please Justin,” She sighed again.

“If that’s what you want.”

Howwww looonngggg

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pretty please post I mean I understand if that request is to much considering it's getting close to finals but I'm just so excite alright thank ya

Guess what?! I have no finals! That means I’m done a whole week earlier! After tomorrow, only 2 more weeks! And to celebrate, there will be a post tonight!

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Please don't fuck with my feels. JUSTINS GOING TO FIND OUT 💃💃💃 or maybe 😭😭😭 I don't know yet lool

Hahahah my lips are sealed! Wait and find out! :)

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I think I have a serious problem I literally check your page maybe 5-6 times a day. I mean it's seriously becoming an issue so much that tumblr moved your name to the very top of my following list

Hahah, I’m not seeing the problem here?

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Are we going to hear about Anthony soon?

I think the next time you hear about Anthony will be when Justin hears about Anthony……eeeek. Spoiler alert?

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No, why would you leave us with a cliffhanger :( is Sophie ok??? Take ur time with writing don't listen to the people who want another post right away! I want ur post to be long and good so take ur time, love u Abby (: xx

Why wouldn’t I?! How else will I keep you coming back for more if it takes me a while to get the next post up? :) BUT, if all goes well, I think that this week might be manageable and I might be able to post again tomorrow! 2 posts in one week!

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She was going to tell him how much she still loves him ! COME ON ! OMG :(

You never know! ;)

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How did you get people to start reading your stories and following you? I just started posting a fanfic so I'm a total newbie haha

Bahah, I still don’t know why people read my fanfic. I posted for a while before I got any response.

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Another post???

LOLOL I love you guys but you’re killing me here! I barely got that post up!

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Recovery #28

Justin’s POV

Being on the bus was almost painful. I wanted so badly to talk to Carson, but Sophie was around us. It wasn’t like I could just talk about our drunk sex without her little ears overhearing anything. 

So, I waited. And waited. Sophie sweet-talked Carson into watching a movie with her, and consequently staying up an hour past her usual bedtime on non-show nights. I couldn’t stop fidgeting as the movie played, seeming twice as long as usual.

I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn’t even notice when Sophie fell asleep halfway through the movie. When I did notice, I immediately changed my game plan. Sprawled out on the couch, Sophie had her head in Carson’s lap and her lean legs stretched over me; I basically had Carson trapped.

“So,” I whispered softly, not wanting to wake Sophie. 

“We should put her to bed or she’ll be exhausted tomorrow night during the show,” She said as she lifted Sophie’s head off of her lap and stood up. “Come on, Soph, let’s put you into bed.”

Sophie sleepily got up and followed Carson into the bunk room. I cursed in my mind, mad that I had let her slip away again. How was I ever going to talk to her if she just continued to run away?

Carson’s POV

I tossed and turned that night as I tried to sleep on the bus. Every time I fell asleep, I had dreams of Justin. I would wake up with my heart racing, my forehead sweaty, as if I was having a horrible nightmare. 

It didn’t help that I still hadn’t talked to Evan. How could I? Was I going to tell him that I had drunkenly fallen into bed with Justin and definitely had sex with him? Was I going to tell him how conflicted I was now? I knew it would crush him. Evan had been nothing but sweet to me, but here I was on the verge of ruining his fairytale ending for us.

I got up as soon as I realized the bus was no longer moving. We were finally here, and I was safe to get off the bus. I looked at my phone, it was only six. I had several hours before everyone else would be up. 

Quietly and without thinking, I got up and pulled my hair into a bun and found my tennis shoes. I slipped on some leggings and a lightweight pullover, almost giddy that I had time to myself, a rarity when we were on tour. I hadn’t worked out in a while since every night I got more than my fair share of cardio. But, today I was feeling like I could use a little time to think. I tied my shoes and put in my headphones before I slipped off of the bus and into the still night.

Justin’s POV

I was just pouring myself a cup of coffee when Carson walked onto the bus. She instantly tried to walk right back out, but I stopped her. 

“Coffee?” I offered her the cup I had just poured. She came closer and I could see that she was sweating and red. Had she really been up to work out? Was she that stressed out about what had happened?

“No thanks, I am going to hop in the shower. I’m gross,” She smiled.

“Hey,” I said, feeling desperate. “We have a show today. Don’t you think we need to talk? How are we going to perform when I can barely stand in the same room as you without you trying to escape?”

“I think we’ll be fine, just like we always are. We don’t need to talk.”

“Carson. I want to talk.”

“Later. Right now, I need to shower,” She quickly escaped to the bathroom. I heard the door lock as I slumped onto the couch, feeling once again defeated.

Carson’s POV

“Did you see that precious little girl? Or the little boy who asked me to marry him?” I swooned to Heather after the meet and greet. It was one of my favorite parts of the night. I loved getting to meet my fans. I was in awe that people would wait in line all day, and even pay thousands of dollars, just for a chance to meet me for a minute or two.

“I want to frame our picture together and hang it on my wall so I don’t ever forget my favorite marriage proposal ever.” I laughed as we entered my dressing room. I stopped laughing as soon as I saw who was waiting for me on the couch.

“Shouldn’t you be starting your own meet and greets right about now?” I eyed him.

“Heather, could you give Carson and I some time to talk?” 

“Heather, don’t leave.”

“I think I better,” she laughed nervously as she fled the room. Justin got up and closed the door behind her. I sat in my make up chair, away from the couch. I didn’t want to give him the chance to touch me. 

I had made it all the way through soundcheck and meet and greets. I thought I was going to make it through the whole show before he tried to talk to me again. But, Justin had other plans.

Justin’s POV

“Why are you avoiding me?” I asked point blank, even though I already knew the answer. I wanted to start easy so she would start talking. “What happened that night that you won’t even look at me now?” 

“What happened?! Do you not remember us waking up in bed together? I think that was a pretty clear indication of what happened. We slept together! That’s what happened! I cheated on Evan! That’s what happened!” She whispered harshly. 

“Take Evan out of the equation and how do you feel about what happened?”

“I can’t take him out of the equation. He’s my boyfriend. He loves me.”

“But you don’t love him?” I raised an eyebrow at her. I hadn’t ever considered that Carson didn’t love Evan. Why else would she be with him?

“Damn it, Justin, I don’t know.” She said, obviously irritated with me. “This is about so much more than just Evan and I. Things are finally good between you and I! And then we find some new way to screw it up!”

I was pleased that we were talking. This was progress. She wasn’t running away. She wasn’t trying to escape. She was yelling and passionate and ready to admit how much she loved me, I could feel it. 

Until a knock at the door interrupted.

“Guys,” Heather said urgently as she opened the door, “Come quick. It’s Sophie.”

Dear rude anons, cut Abby some slack! Like seriously she has other priorites and other things to focus on. You being rude and not being thankful probably throws her off from writing! Abby go enjoy Easter with your family!

I know people just want posts, and it’s good to know that people still care, but thank you anon. :)

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This week has been killer. As if school wasn’t already painful enough, I got sick this week. I choose to blame my preschoolers. Haha.

And I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend, not including the time I hope to spend with my family for Easter, but hopefully I’ll find time to write!!

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Recovery #27 

Carson’s POV

I managed to avoid everyone for the rest of that day. Staying in bed was the only thing I wanted to do. And as I was laying in bed, I hated that I had given into the pressure to socially drink. Why did I feel the need to make Justin happy by drinking as much as I had? I had been in bed all day trying to recover.

“You need to eat, girl.” Heather woke me up at eight. The sun had already set and the room was dark, but I still felt like I could sleep for hours more. “I brought pizza. Jeremy took everyone out to dinner and we had to order you and Justin dinner to go. What did you two do last night?”

“I honestly don’t remember.” I sighed. I felt bad lying to her since she had become one of my closest friends in the last few years. But, I didn’t want her to know about my night with Justin. It would only complicate things. Tour was already messy, and I didn’t want to jeopardize anything. 

“Well how about a girls’ night? We can order a movie?”

“I think I’m just going to sleep, if you don’t mind. Does Pattie still have Sophie?”

“Yeah. She’s been hanging out with the Bieber family all day. She’s having a blast with Jazzy and Jaxon.”

Knowing that Sophie was taken care of gave me the peace of mind I needed to go back to sleep and stay asleep until morning. 

Justin’s POV

My hangover was gone by the next morning and I was able to actually think without the constant pounding in my head. When the sun came up, I got up. I had been up all night thinking. I didn’t know whether or not the feelings I was experiencing were true or not. I felt myself suddenly wanting Carson, in more than the way I had gotten to have her last night. I loved the sex, we’d always had incredible sex, but I wanted more than that. 

I had always loved Carson. For years I had tried to deny that, but holding her in my arms and being intimate with her again had made those feelings reemerge as stronger than ever. It was as if my vision had been blurry until our night together and now I could finally see clearly. I wanted Carson in my life. I wanted to have her back in my life as more than the substitute mother to my child and my opening act; I wanted her as my girlfriend. I was sick of acting as if she didn’t matter to me. She was all that mattered. 

“Daddy! I missed you yesterday!” Sophie smiled as I walked into their room. She was sitting on Carson’s lap, but she jumped up to give me a hug. 

"I’m going to go take a shower," Carson said quickly. I smiled as she passed me, but the courage I had worked up disappeared as I saw how nervous she was around me. She didn’t make eye contact. She didn’t want to talk to me. 

"So tell me all about your day yesterday," I smiled as I sat down with Sophie. "I heard you got to hang out with Grandpa?"

"He told me not to call him Grandpa anymore. It makes him feel old. Lord Rauhl took us to the go cart track! It was so fun!"

"Lord Rauhl?" I laughed at my dad’s lame attempt to stay young as I tried to stay in the present. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about Carson. What was she doing? Was she thinking about me? Was she regretting our night together?

Carson’s POV

It was a little before ten when I got into the shower, but it was eleven by the time I reemerged from the bathroom. I was trying my best to avoid everyone— Justin, Pattie or any one else who would want me to talk about the night. I didn’t want to think about it. I knew I would have to face Justin eventually, but not yet.

I checked my phone as I sat down, my hair up in a towel and a robe wrapped around me. I was stalling, but I didn’t care.

I had four missed calls from Evan. I didn’t even bat an eye at it. I threw my phone onto the bed and went back into the bathroom to do my hair. I didn’t want to talk to Evan. He’d been trying to get a hold of me for two days, but I wasn’t interested in talking. I needed time to figure my life out. But, that was hard to do when I didn’t want to talk to Justin, either.

Justin’s POV

It was late afternoon when Sophie finally asked if we could go find Carson. Since I was around all of my family and crew, I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it. But, when my six-year-old wanted to go find her mommy, how could I say no?

“Mommy!” Sophie exclaimed when Carson opened the door to her hotel room. “What are you doing in here? We have to go get on the bus!”

“I know! I was just talking to Aunt Jules. She said I’m supposed to give you a big hug for her,” She said as she leaned down and pulled Sophie into a big hug and then started tickling her. I laughed as Sophie’s high squeals erupted into a contagious laughter.

“Is this your only bag?” I asked, walking towards the suitcase on the bed.

“I can get it.” She said quickly, letting Sophie go.

“I got it,” I smiled politely, but she didn’t receive it well. She took the bag from me and glared at me. I was just trying to be helpful, but I could see that Carson was trying to be as independent as ever.

Instead, I tickled Sophie as we followed Carson down the hallway and out to the bus. 

Carson’s POV

When we got to the bus, Pattie was waiting for us. Everyone else had already left, but Pattie’s flight wasn’t until later. 

“Bye Grandma!” Sophie smiled as she hugged Pattie one last time. She wasn’t too torn up about it because she knew that the holidays were in just two weeks. By the time we finished touring Canada, it would be Christmastime. 

When Pattie turned to me and smiled, I knew she already knew about our night together.

“Trust your heart, sweetie,” she whispered to me as she pulled me into a hug. Before I could say anything, she was in a car and pulling away from the curb to the airport.

“Come on, Mommy! Let’s go play on the bus!” Sophie yelled from the steps of the bus. I turned towards her, but Justin grabbed me by the arm.

“Stop,” I said quickly. His tight grip around my upper arm reminded me too much of Anthony. 

“Sorry, but we need to talk,” he loosened his grip, but left his hand on my arm.

“We can talk later,” I pulled my arm free and walked onto the bus. I knew it was going to be impossible to avoid Justin since we were going to be trapped on the bus together for a day before our next stop, but I was planning on trying my best to avoid him until I could decide what my heart wanted. 

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Finishing up now!

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