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post tonight?

No, sorry. I ended up working 5 hours later than I expected so I didn’t have time to write. Counting on a free afternoon tomorrow to get a post written!

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Post tonight?!

Not tonight! Tomorrow!

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Stay Right Here #39

Carson’s POV

“Sophie, do you have your bag?” Justin called up the stairs as I put Auden in her carseat.

“I’m ready! Let’s go to Grandma’s!”

“Meet you in the car.” I said as I picked up Auden’s car seat and headed towards the garage door, but Justin grabbed my other hand.

“I love you, which is why I think that you need to stay here.”

“What? Why?”

“Are you going to be able to drop Auden off and not cry or get upset?” I answered his question with silence, because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to not cry as I handed off my baby for the night.

“You will see her in less than twenty-four hours. Give her a kiss and then I’m taking her.”

“Bye sweet baby, I love you even though it probably doesn’t feel like it since I’m abandoning you but I really do love you.”

“Cee, she’ll be fine.” Justin insisted. I placed a kiss on her tiny forehead and stood up. 

“You go upstairs and find a surprise. I’ll be back to take you to dinner in thirty minutes.”

“Tell Mandy that there’s frozen bags of breastmilk in the purple bag. She eats four or five ounces every three to four hours. And she wakes up at midnight, three and six to eat during the night.

“Cee, go upstairs. I know everything and I will inform Mandy about everything she needs to know.”

Justin’s POV

I loved that Carson had gotten so attached to Auden, but that made me want a date night even more. I quickly unloaded the girls and their things at Mandy’s and made sure they were set before I went back home.

“Cee?” I yelled as I walked back into the house. She came down the stairs as soon as she heard me. In the dress that Basia had picked out and I had wrapped up as a date night surprise, she looked flawless. Granted, I hadn’t seen her in anything but sweats or athletic shorts in months— but she still looked great. The maxi dress was flowing, which Basia told me was a must as she was still really unsure about her body, yet it had a low cut neckline to show off her awesome cleavage she had acquired recently.

“Hot damn.” I chuckled as she walked to me. I placed my hands on her hips and kissed her like I hadn’t in months.

“We could skip whatever you have planned and head upstairs right now.” She smirked as she pulled back.

“As tempting as that sounds, you’ve been locked in this house for the last four months. I am taking you out tonight.” 

Carson’s POV

Justin was as romantic as ever as the car pulled up to take us to dinner. I had no idea where we were going, but I was hoping it was low-key since we were both in relatively casual attire.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I looked out the window and saw signs mentioning Malibu. I didn’t receive any answers though as Justin just smirked silently.

I was eagerly watching out the window when we arrived at our destination: a quiet marina with only a couple of boats that I could see.

“We’re going on a boat ride?” I laughed. “I was worried about feeling underdressed, but now I’m feeling overdressed.

“Overdressed for this boat?” Justin grinned as we walked to the last boat, which wasn’t a boat at all. A fancy yacht, the largest of all the boats in the marina, was waiting for us.

“This? This is what we are doing tonight? We are riding on this yacht?” I tried not to squeal but I was in awe as Justin took my hand and led me onto the yacht. My jaw dropped as we walked inside, which was just as nice as our multi-million dollar mansion.

We walked through the living area, the dining area, and out the doors onto the lower back deck. A table for two was already set, but Justin leaned against the back railing as we started to move.

“Why are you so quiet, Miss King? Do you like your surprise? Are you impressed?”

“Am I impressed?” I scoffed. “This is incredible.”

“This is just the beginning.” He smiled as he kissed me softly. 

Justin’s POV

Since the start of our relationship, I had always gone over the top to make Carson feel special, but we had always been limited— whether it was that we were keeping our relationship a secret, the fact we were on tour and always busy, or having a new baby at home— but now I finally had the chance to show Carson just how much I loved her.

The sun had just began to set as we ate dinner, chicken parmesan— Carson’s favorite, which was prepared by a world-renowned chef in the yacht’s kitchen. 

“Wine, Miss King?” The server asked Carson as he brought out a chilled bottle.

“No, thank you,” She shook her head.

“You’re going to offend me if you make me drink this whole bottle. It cost almost as much as this yacht. It was flown in from France this morning.”

“Justin,” She chuckled, “Why would you have a bottle of wine flown in all the way from France when you know I don’t drink?”

“Come on, just try a glass. You’ve never had wine like this. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Well the last time you convinced me to drink, I blacked out and slept with you despite the fact I was engaged to another man.”

“And now, because of that one night, we have a daughter together. So basically I think you should thank me for getting you to drink that night.” I laughed. Carson nodded to the server, who poured her a glass and then walked back inside.

“Can you believe how much our lives have changed in a year?” Carson marveled as she took a small sip of the wine.

“A year ago, you were engaged to another man, lived in a different house and I could barely look at you without getting upset. I think we’ve come a long ways.” I held my glass up to hers. “To us.”

“To us.” She grinned as we lightly touched our glasses together. As she took a sip of wine, the smile across her face only got bigger. After so many weeks of taking care of both Sophie and Auden, a night out was proving to be all she needed. Seeing her so relaxed and carefree made all of the crazy last-minute planning worth it. This night was turning out to be everything we had needed and more. 

posting tonight?

Yeah! soon!

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when are you writing the next chapter?? can't wait :)

In the process of writing it right now!

Send me romantic date ideas!

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OH MY GODDDD you do write him as the villain! i didn't even realize. so basically real life JB sucks and fake JB is amazing, and real life SB is amazing and fake SB sucks. those who don't follow the story are going to be totally lost when they read this, hahahah

Hahaha I didn’t realize I was writing it completely opposite to how Scooter and Justin are in real life. Hahah whoops

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hahaha, wellllllll you see, i watched never say never once. and i thought, this kid is really awesome and sincere and stuff. but I never really got on the belieber bandwagon. I'm actually more obsessed with scooter braun because he's basically a genius.

Yessssss. even though you wouldn’t be able to tell because I almost always write him as the villain, I love scooter braun.

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anytime, gurl. keep writing! and i'll keep not caring about the real JB but loving on your fake JB that is thee* best.

Oh my goodness anon you are making me laugh out loud. You are too funny, but I totally get where you’re coming from! Thank you for reading, despite the fact you don’t like Bieber. 

If you want to come back…tell me what made you start reading! I’m just curious since you don’t like JB why you made the risky decision to read a JB fanfic.

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i'm lol'ing forever. i don't even like justin bieber that much but i've literally read everything you've posted on tumblr. i'd read your grocery lists.


This might be my favorite message I’ve ever received. 

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Stay Right Here #38

Justin’s POV

“I missed this so much.” I yawned as I woke up when Auden started crying at midnight. I rolled over to see Carson practically asleep as she sat up against the headboard feeding Auden.

I managed to stay awake through the forty-five minute snack session before Carson handed Auden to me. 

“She needs to be burped, but I’m going to go check on the girls downstairs.”

“Okay, little girl,” I smiled as I sat up and sat Auden up on my lap. I lightly rubbed her back until she gave me a little burp. “Is it time to go back to bed now?”

I let Auden fall asleep on my chest, but as soon as Carson came back in she moved her back to the bassinet.

“Why did you move her?” I yawned, already half asleep.

“I want to cuddle with you tonight. I’m being selfish.” She grinned as she got back into bed and scooted her backside up against me. I wrapped my arms around her, wanting nothing more than to grant her wish and hold her close tonight.

Carson’s POV

When Auden’s colic started up at three, as it had every night for four long weeks, it was so nice to have Justin up and wanting to help.

"Here, let me take her." He offered. I gladly handed her over. She screamed louder in his arms, which pulled on my heartstrings a little bit. The bond that I had imagined for the last few weeks wasn’t just in my mind, Auden did really like me. 

"Where are you going?!" I yawned as Justin got up and carried her out of the room. I was too tired to get up and go after them, so I just waited. Eventually, they would come back.

I had almost fallen back to sleep when Justin came back into the room without a screaming infant in his arms.

"Where’s the baby?" I asked without opening my eyes or even moving.

"Shh." He said and I immediately opened my eyes to see Auden in his arms. She wasn’t asleep, but she looked content. 

"How in the world?" I asked, amazed.

"I put a warm washcloth on her tummy. It was a trick that my mom showed me when Sophie was colicky. Works like a charm." He grinned as he carefully got back into bed and laid Auden on his chest. She let out a big yawn and I knew that it would only be a few minutes before she passed out. This was the first night I hadn’t been awake from three to six and I was fairly confident I was going to feel like a brand-new woman in the morning after getting an extra little bit of sleep.

Justin’s POV

When I woke up at eight, I grabbed Auden and carried her downstairs with me.

"Let’s let Mommy sleep a little extra today." I smiled at her as her face lit up with a grin. I carried her downstairs to check on the girls, who were still sound asleep. But Sophie never slept past nine, so I started making breakfast.

"In this family, Aud, we like to have waffles to celebrate big occasions. And I think that we all deserve some waffles this morning."

I set Auden in the baby bouncer seat that was already sitting on the counter and went to work. I talked to Auden all the way through the process, making her smile every chance I had.

"Look at how good these look. Your daddy knows how to make some mean looking waffles." I laughed as I held up my platter of waffles to Auden. "If only you could eat these, you would know just how awesome your daddy is."

"Do I smell waffles?" Sophie squealed as she walked into the kitchen, Annie following behind her. "We haven’t had waffles in forever!"

"I know, I’m sorry your life has been a little funky lately, but I promise everything will go back to normal. Starting with this plate of beautiful waffles."

"I’m kind of glad you’re home, Dad." She smiled and I took that as a compliment. I could work with that. She wasn’t going to be able to stay mad at me forever.

Carson’s POV

By the end of the next month, I felt like my life had improved dramatically. I had a boyfriend who I actually loved again, and a father for my two kids. Things got even better when Auden’s colic cleared up. She still got up three times during the night to eat, but that was much more manageable than three hours of constant screaming every night.

We entered into October as a happy family. Even though Justin and I were still exhausted from getting up all through the night, we were in baby bliss. We loved Auden; we loved each other; life was great.

"So, what would you say to sending the girls to Mandy’s for a night this weekend? I want to take you out. You have been working so hard, you deserve one night off. The AMAs are coming up and we can make a night of it.”

"I don’t know, babe. I’ve only left her for a couple of hours at a time. You want me to leave her for an entire night?"

"She’s almost four months old and Mandy is a pro. She will take good care of her.” He tried to convince me. “I don’t think we’ve had a date night since we’ve been back together, since before Auden.

"We haven’t even tried bottles with her yet. What if she doesn’t like it?"

"She will be fine. Maybe we should start doing bottles part of the time, that way I can help out more. You can actually run more than one errand at a time and get a decent break. That’s why we bought that super expensive breast pump from that peppy little lady— she knew we would need a date night."

"I guess it doesn’t sound like a horrible idea."

"So I can tell Mandy that I am going to drop the girls off at five tomorrow night? And we will pick them back up late Sunday morning or early afternoon?”

“Yes.” I sighed, knowing I should’ve felt more excited for a night off of mommy duty, but I had grown attached to the little baby I had started out resenting. Even though I didn’t always act like it, I loved getting up during the night and spending time with her. 

With Justin happy, Auden playing happily on his lap and Sophie at school, I took my time as I showered for the first time in days. I normally only got a quick shower, barely enough time to wash my hair and body before Sophie was yelling or Auden was crying— but not today. I took a long shower, taking the time to shave and deep condition my hair. It was during the duration of my long shower that the thought occurred to me that Justin hadn’t seen me naked in months. 

After I got out of the shower and dried off, I stepped into my closet and stood in front of the full-length, three-way mirror. Biting my tongue, I dropped my towel and looked at my body for the first time since having Auden. I had originally thought I would be the kind of person to obsess over getting my body back, but Justin’s little disappearing act had left me as the sole caregiver of two children and that put exercising and fitness on the back burner.

As I inspected my body, I wasn’t too displeased. My c-section scar had healed as well as expected, but it was still red and visible. My stomach was in no shape that it was before my pregnancy, but it wasn’t horrible. I had lost a lot of the weight from breastfeeding, just like all the pregnancy books said. Not only had I lost weight from it, my breasts had almost doubled in size. I was in no way impressed with the body I  was looking at in the mirror, but I decided that after spending four months focusing on nothing but my baby and Sophie, I looked pretty good. I had been scared to death at the thought of Justin seeing my body, but now I was ready. I was somewhat excited to actually get to spend time with Justin without worrying about Auden or Sophie. Maybe a date night was just what we needed.

Will there be more bieber babies in the future

Ha, what do you think?

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Well if you perhaps have anytime please post tonight?? But if you don't I completely understand and respect that xxxx

It’s almost 3 am here and I am fading quickly. As soon as I get home I will be going to bed. Sorry!

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You're honestly like the queen of fanfiction I have to be honest with you!! Bow down queen A

Hahahah well thank you

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Sooooo tell me ;) when's the next chapter up hehe 😂😘

Well I have it written, but I don’t have internet and I think by the time I get home I’m going to crash immediately. So tomorrow!

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I went back and re-read all of the already broken series and its amazing how far the characters have come you bring them to life! your a great writer!! :)

Thank you so much, sweet anon!

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Justin Bieber fanfictions! Three main stories, Somebody To Love, Catching Feelings and Already Broken. Start at the beginning by using the links on the top! I also do one shots by request!

Comments, ideas, feedback and questions are all welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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