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Is there gonna be a sequel?


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OH MY GOD!! is there going to be a sequel because I'm so not ready to give up on carson and justin!!!!

No sequel! Maybe an epilogue!

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Post?? I'm dying!

Sorry, I got tied up tonight and I can’t write! I am going to try hard to post tomorrow, but chances are this is going to be the series finale (no sequel) SO i want to make sure it’s perfect and therefore it might be a few days so I can make it great for you guys

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Post tonight?

No, sorry! BUT I have a big post coming for you soon!

Maybe even the finale?! Say what?!

Hopefully tomorrow!

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Stay Right Here #44

Carson’s POV

As soon as I admitted to Justin what I had really wanted for Christmas, his whole attitude changed. He got quiet and went upstairs, obviously not in the mood to discuss the possibility of an engagement. I was mad at myself for starting a fight on Auden’s first Christmas, but I couldn’t pretend like this life was enough for me anymore. I wanted more.

I was going to wait a few days before I brought it up again, but multiple distractions pulled my focus to other things. For one, Auden started teething and was up all night long. Granted, she never slept more than four hours at a time, I still felt like a walking zombie after three days of no sleep. Combined with the tension in Justin and I’s relationship, I felt like I was at my breaking point.

“Can you take her please? I haven’t slept more than an hour at a time for three days. I need to sleep. I need you to help me.” I said, nearly in tears, as Auden screamed louder. 

“You yelled at me the last time I offered to take her! You told me you didn’t want my help.”

I didn’t say anything. I was too tired to apologize or to continue our fight.

“Here.” Justin said as he took the screaming baby out of my arms. “Go sleep.”

I felt bad as I walked upstairs and heard Auden’s screams get even louder. I couldn’t sleep when I knew my baby was so upset. I was almost ready to go back downstairs when Sophie walked into our room.  She didn’t even say anything as she crawled onto the bed and curled up beside me. I knew she hadn’t been sleeping at night because of Auden’s screaming, so I knew she was probably just as exhausted. With Sophie in bed with me, I fell right to sleep despite the constant crying.

Justin’s POV

I tried to get Auden to calm down for twenty minutes, but nothing was working. I tried to feed her a bottle out of the fridge, then I changed her and put her in the baby bouncer. Nothing that normally worked was even starting to calm her down.

“Okay, cutie pie, I think that maybe you need a change of scenery.” I sighed as I grabbed a bottle to take with us and  threw it in the diaper bag. I strapped Auden into her car seat and headed out.

I was planning on going to Mandy’s, since she was the closest thing we had to a baby whisperer, so I was surprised when I ended up at the cemetery. Before I knew what I was doing, I had Auden and I was walking towards Selena’s grave. The fresh air must’ve changed Auden’s mood because she immediately calmed down as soon as we were outside.

I saw the red flowers that I had delivered once a month. I sat down on the grass and 

“I know it’s been awhile since I’ve visited. Life has been absolutely crazy.” I sighed as I sat down on the grass. “We went on tour. Carson came with us and we ended up getting back together and getting pregnant.

“I didn’t ever think I would get to experience this again, but it is really magical this time. Granted, this baby doesn’t ever sleep, but we love her.”

“Her name is Auden, Auden Selena Murphy Bieber.” I grinned as I looked down at the baby, who had now fallen asleep in my arms. Her dark hair was coming in more thick now and her little cheeks were plump, despite the fact she only weighed twelve pounds. She was tiny, but 

“Sophie loves her a lot. She wasn’t really very excited when we first told her, or when she found out it was a girl, but now she’s a great big sister. She’s always helping Carson or making Auden laugh. She’s incredible. I hope you can see our girl because she really is something. She reminds me more and more of you every day. And Carson is great with her. We miss you a lot, but I think we are doing surprisingly well.”

Carson’s POV

When I woke up four hours later, I couldn’t figure out where a strange noise was coming from. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I yawned as I pressed the phone to my ear.

“Hey Car, do you know where Justin is?”

“I think he’s downstairs. Just a second.” I yawned again as I stood up and walked downstairs. I couldn’t find any sign of Justin or Auden, though. I checked the nursery and it was empty as well. I finally went into the garage and saw one of Justin’s cars was gone.

“He’s not here. I don’t know where he is. Why are you looking for him?”

“I was actually looking for you, too. Neil Portnow, the president of the Grammys, called me this morning. He wants you and Justin to perform together.”

“At the Grammys?”

“Yes! Isn’t that awesome?!”

“Yeah.” I tried my best to force a smile, though performing with Justin on a major award show with millions of viewers wasn’t exactly my idea of awesome right now. I hadn’t performed in over seven months. Justin hadn’t been on stage in six months. We were out of practice.

“Great. You let him know. I am going to call Neil and tell him you guys are in.”

Justin’s POV

Although I was scared I might wake the child that hadn’t slept in days, I successfully got her into her car seat without her waking at all. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home to get Carson her favorite coffee. 

“Where have you been?!” Carson said in an exasperated tone as soon as I walked in.

“Shh.” I stopped her as I carried the car seat into my office. It was dark and quiet, so I hoped Auden would sleep for a while in there.

“Where did you go? How did you get her to fall asleep?” Carson asked when I walked back out to the kitchen. 

“We went to visit an old friend.” I sighed. “She must’ve just needed to get out of the house. We got you a coffee on our way home.” 

“Thanks.” She grinned as she took the cup from me. “I have news.”

“Oh yeah?”

“We have been asked to perform at the Grammys. Together.”

“Is there a problem with that?” I asked, seeing that she was obviously apprehensive. 

“Well we haven’t exactly been in the best place, relationship wise, in the last week.”

“We had to perform that duet for a whole year, part of which we hated each other. I think we can pull it off.”

“That’s what Scooter thought, too. Rehearsals in the dance studio start tomorrow for us.” She left the room without saying anything else. I wondered how long she planned on being mad at me for not wanting to get married. So far she just seemed annoyed, but would she get over it? Or would that be the deal breaker?

What do you think of the jelena reunion??? just curious haha

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im confused , was Selena and Justin married when Sophie was born ?

They were in the process of getting divorced when they found out they were pregnant with her.

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Stay Right Here #43

Carson’s POV

To say I was disappointed on Christmas morning would’ve been an understatement. I had been so excited; it was Auden’s first Christmas, Sophie was super excited, and Justin was finally going to propose.

When he handed me a little box on Christmas morning, after Sophie had ripped through all of her presents in record time, I thought all of my dreams were finally coming true. I had spent months dropping hints, and now he finally was getting it.

The shock on my face was genuine as I opened the box.

"What, you don’t like it?" Justin asked quickly. "You didn’t want a new car?"

"That’s exactly what I wanted." I lied through my fake smile.

"Want to go see your new ride? It’s in the driveway."

Sophie pulled my hand out the door as Justin picked up Auden. The black Land Rover was a car I would’ve loved any other day, but today it felt like an attempt to make me happy without actually committing to me. I felt like Justin was using it as a pacifier to keep me happy, but I wasn’t.

Justin’s POV

We went to Mandy’s for Christmas afternoon and stayed until well after the girls’ bedtimes. Auden was screaming and Sophie was passed out as we drove home. Normally, I wouldn’t have been so on edge but Carson had been cold towards me all day.

When we finally got home, after what seemed like forever with a screaming infant in the car, I took Sophie inside. I tucked her into her bed, while she clutched her brand new American Girl doll in her sleep, and then walked into my room. Carson was feeding Auden on the bed, but she didn’t even look at me as I walked in.

"I’m going to take a shower." I said and got no response.

All through my shower, I tried to figure out what I had done wrong. I really thought she wanted a new car, but that obviously wasn’t the big gift she had in mind.

By the time I got out of the shower and I walked out into the bedroom, Auden was the only one there. Asleep in the bassinet, I walked past her and out of the room. I walked downstairs and found Carson in the kitchen washing the bottles that had accumulated in the sink. Now, I tried to do at least a couple of bottles during the day with her so that Carson could get a break. I always offered to get up and feed her bottles during the night, but Carson didn’t want to do that. She didn’t mind getting up. Nursing her at night and during the night was their quality time together.

"So can you tell me why you are so pissed off at me?"

"You really don’t know?"

"I have no fucking idea. Tell me what you wanted for Christmas."

"I wanted a ring for Christmas."

“Oh,” I said quietly. I felt Carson’s eyes watching me closely for a reaction, but I was mostly trying to process what that meant. Carson wanted to get married? I had no idea. I didn’t want to upset her, but marriage wasn’t something I wanted to do again.


“Oh my god, what is taking so long?” Selena complained as we waited for our lawyers. Today we were dividing our assets. We had a prenup, but we had acquired several cars, properties and other expensive goods. 

“I’m about to roll if they don’t get out here soon.” I said as I paced in the private waiting room. 

“Can you stop pacing for two minutes? You’re driving me nuts.” She raised her voice slightly.

“When don’t I drive you nuts? That’s the reason we are here. We can’t stand each other.” I snapped back, but I sat down in a chair two over from her.

We sat in silence for a few minutes until she put down her phone and looked over at me.

“Are you ever going to get married again?”

“God Selena, I don’t know. I’m in the middle of an ugly divorce, so marriage isn’t really the first thing on my mind.” I snapped at her, but she continued to press the issue.

“I know, but if you meet someone in the future, would you try it again?”

“Probably not.” I sighed and admitted honestly to her. “I don’t think I ever want to get married again.”

“Sorry I ruined it for you.” She said right as the secretary called for us.

“Mr. Bieber, Miss Gomez, they are ready for you.” She said. I was relieved I was one step closer to being finished with the biggest mistake I had ever made: marriage.

where did u disappear to?!?

Work! posting tonight though!

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Do I have any readers from the Chicago area?

Who just happen to be going (or wanting to go) to the One Direction concert in Soldier Field?! 

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Stay Right Here #42

Carson’s POV

I dropped hints. I left out magazines turned to wedding stories and engagement ring advertisements. I made jokes about how we had turned into an old married couple. I was constantly telling Justin how much I loved him, trying to get him to see that I wasn’t afraid anymore. 

But nothing worked. I waited and waited for the proposal that never came. I was still waiting when the Christmas season snuck up on us. 

"What do you want for Christmas this year?" He smiled at me during one of Auden’s early morning feedings.

"I’d love it if this child could sleep through the night." I sighed. Auden was five months old and she was still getting up to eat twice during the night. Surprisingly, Justin was still getting up to keep me company whenever Auden woke up.

"Seriously, though," he laughed, "I don’t know what to get you."

Surely, I thought, he has to have some idea that the only thing I want for Christmas is a ring.

"Something big." I joked. Normally I told him I didn’t want anything, so this made his eyes shoot open. 

"What?" He laughed. "Now I really have no idea what you want."

Thankfully, before I had to hint some more, Auden started to cry because she was done. I handed her off to Justin to burp her as I laid back down to go back to sleep. But my sleep was filled with dreams of Justin and I as a little old couple— a little unmarried old couple.

Justin’s POV

"Why does everyone believe in Santa Claus? I think it’s stupid." Sophie asked as I had her help me put the tree together.

"Sophie, don’t say that." I got on her immediately.

"Just because it’s not what you believe doesn’t mean that it’s stupid." Carson explained. "And we tried to get you to like Santa Claus, but you screamed bloody murder whenever he came around during your second Christmas. We decided it wasn’t worth it."

"I’m glad. I love Christmas but that old guy is just creepy."

"So you don’t think we should take Auden to sit on Santa’s lap?"

"No way." She laughed as she ran over to Auden, who was sitting up all by herself on the floor away from all of the hazardous Christmas ornaments and decorations. She was really close to crawling, but luckily she wasn’t mobile just yet.

"Don’t worry sweet Auden, I won’t let them put you near that creepy old man."

Carson laughed and rolled her eyes at Sophie’s dramatic antics as we strung tinsel on the tree together. We were halfway done when I heard my phone ringing from the kitchen.

"Scooter, I told you I’m not coming tonight. I am having a family night."

"Before you get your panties in a wad, you’re nominated!"


"Twice! Your duet with Carson was nominated for best pop duo/group performance, and your album was nominated as album of the year!"

"Are you shitting with me right now?" I asked as I sat down in the dining room.

"No! Come celebrate!"

"I’m going to stay here and celebrate with Carson and the girls, but thanks for calling." I grinned as I hung up. I let the news of my nominations sink in for a second before I walked out to the living room.

"Guess who is nominated for a Grammy!" I grinned.

"Yay! Way to go!" Sophie cheered as she ran to me. "You’re going to win because you are the best!" I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around me to give me a hug.

"He is the best." Carson smiled as she put her palm on my cheek and pulled me into a kiss. "Congratulations."

"I’m not the only one who gets a congratulations. Our song was nominated."

"No." She gasped. "No it wasn’t."

"It was. We might win a Grammy together."

Carson’s POV

Justin’s nomination was big news around the world. The multi-platinum recording legend had won almost every other award, but he had only ever been nominated for two grammy awards. And he hadn’t ever won.

"Look at Daddy’s awards." I said to Auden as we walked into Justin’s office, where all of his awards were displayed on the back wall. "There’s the AMA and the Billboards, and the Much Music." 

"She already knows I’m awesome. You don’t need to show her all of those." Justin chuckled from his computer where he was responding to emails. 

"And this," I said ignoring Justin, "Is where we are going to put the two Grammy’s that Daddy is going to win next month."

"Will you still love me even if I don’t win? Even if we don’t win?" He playfully mocked me without even looking up from his computer screen.

"Shut up." I smiled. "I’ll love you no matter what." 

I tried to sound as sincere as possible, since their was obviously some doubt in his mind that our relationship wouldn’t be able to last. I just hoped he was doubting the way I felt about him, and not his own feelings about me. 

Justin’s POV

"I picked out your Christmas present today." I bragged as I walked into the house, just a week before Christmas. "It’s big and you are going to love it."

"Ooh, tell me more." Carson’s eyes got big and I hoped I had made the right decision. She obviously had something in mind, yet she hadn’t shared with me what was going to make this the best Christmas ever.

"Well, it is expensive."

"I like where this is going," 

"It is fancy. And one-of-a-kind."

"And it’s something you need. I think it will make you very, very happy."

Carson just smiled as she walked over to the kitchen. I hoped I had made the right decision.

back-street-bitches401 said: is that not impossible considering theres 72 hours in 3days ????…….

My bad. 4 days. Thursday thru Sunday is 4 days. Hahah, I’m so tired I can’t even count. 

BUT I CAN POST. Post coming soon!

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when do you plan on posting next?

I was planning on posting today but I’ve been working. I’ve worked over 70 hours in the last three days. Eeek

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You said you're a nanny. How did you become one, is there a program or...? (This may be a ridiculous question) xx

In my town we have a service I work through. But before I started with them, I babysat for 8 years with family friends and such.

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Post tonight?

Nope, working/not at home tonight. though I should have a post for you tomorrow. Depends on whether or not I work tomorrow night, but hoping to have it up soon!

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Justin Bieber fanfictions! Three main stories, Somebody To Love, Catching Feelings and Already Broken. Start at the beginning by using the links on the top! I also do one shots by request!

Comments, ideas, feedback and questions are all welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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