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Abbyyyy :) when are you posting Favorite girl #2?

Sorry! I haven’t even had time to sit and think about it! I will have lots of time tomorrow night to write though, so I will hopefully hammer out a post.

But I would appreciate it dearly if you guys sent me some ideas! I want to know what you want to read about!

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Nah she should roast his ass hell yeah

LOL or listen to haleigh and roast him. your pick.

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Abby your the only one I come for advise when I'm feeling down and I'm feeling really low right now because this boy I like started textin me on Facebook I thought we was getting to know EACHOTHER but I guess I thought wrong turns out he has a girlfriend and also been talking other girls around the school so I called his phone in a playing matter with my friend but the next day I was in the hallway and he yelled at me what do I do Abby I also have a pic of his penis should I roast his ass or nah

Well as for the penis pic, I wouldn’t do anything if he has any pictures of you. AND, I also wouldn’t do anything to tarnish your own reputation. Be the bigger person. Delete his number and find a boy worth spending your time on because this guy sounds like a real asshole.

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Please pleaseeee post tonight!!!!

I’m sorry. I think it’s because the only free time I’ve had to write is right before I go to bed at night so I’m exhausted, but I’m stuck. I need a day to think about what my plan for this was because right now I have nothing. Whoops.

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any post? :)

No. Sorry! I’ll try again tomorrow :)

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I'm so attached to the family that I feel like Madelyn gave birth to me lol

this is the greatest message I’ve ever gotten

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The excitement I feel for this book is unreal. I love this family and I'm so happy it's another book about them!

Yay :) happy you are excited! I hope I won’t ruin anything by bringing them back

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I honestly thought if you'd write about anyone it would be Stella but I'm really looking forward to this

Don’t worry, Stella will be a major character.

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are you posting again???

Yes! I’ll try to get something up tonight!!

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haha i saw the post and the first thing i did was go look to see if you had posted it ;D

hahah i had to do some more searching but here you are. 

check em out

favorite girl characters page

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dat new character page tho

its coming! working on it now

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Favorite Girl #1

Kingston’s POV

“Oh my god, I cannot believe my babies are all grown up.” My mom swooned over Stella and I as we took our annual first day of school picture, even though Stella wasn’t even going to school this year. She was working on a new movie, therefore doing all of her schooling online. But, that didn’t stop my mom from making a big deal out of it being our senior year. 

“Okay, Kenzie, hop in a picture. You’re living in this house and you have to take part.” My mom said as Kenzie came and stood next to me. 

“Perfect!” She grinned. “And I think we need one with Reese. Where’d she go?”

“Are you looking for this silly girl?” Aria grinned as she walked in holding Reese. She had just turned two and she was all about not doing what anyone wanted her to do.

“Come here, monkey.” I laughed as I took her from Aria. As soon as she realized we were taking a picture she started to scream. Kenzie had put her blonde hair in pig tails, which made her look like a little girl and not a baby anymore.

The last two years of her life had flown by. It felt like just yesterday we were racing to the hospital from my parent’s vow renewal. I could still recall the melting that I had felt when I held Reese for the first time. 

“Dada.” She muttered as she held my neck and pressed her face into my uniform polo. 

“I have to go to school now, pretty girl, but I’ll see you this afternoon.” I smiled as I gave her a kiss and handed her to Kenzie.

“Mommy, no.” Reese said with a pouty lip. 

“You get to play with Mimi and Papa Juju all day. You’re going to have such a fun day.” Kenzie smiled at her. I was always kind of relieved when Reese cried when Kenzie or I left. My mom and dad had basically been like her second parents, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she would’ve been more attached to them.

“Have a great day at school!” My dad smiled and waved as he walked in the door right as I walked out.

Kenzie’s POV

I didn’t want to go to school, especially when Reese started crying. But the look that Madelyn gave both Kingston and I made me realize there was no option. I was going to school whether or not Reese cried all day long. 

“Mommy will be home soon. We get to play all day.” Madelyn tried to soothe her as Kingston and I walked out with Aria.

“I have to stop and get Asher, so you should probably ride with Aria if you don’t want to be late.” Kingston said cooly. I knew he just didn’t want to walk into school together, but I didn’t really want to ride with him anyways. I gladly hopped in Aria’s new BMW she had gotten for her sixteenth birthday over the summer.

“Does it ever bother you that Kingston is always an ass to you?”

“I don’t really care.” I sighed. “He’s going to be in my life forever. I hope some day he will come around. Maybe once we are out of high school and we don’t have to see each other every day we can actually be cordial to each other.”

“Did you ever want to get married to him?” She asked casually. I would’ve been surprised by anyone else, but Aria had never been one to filter her questions. From the first time I had ever met her, she had always had the nerve to ask me her most burning questions. 

“No.” I laughed. “I love that I am a part of your family now, but that is all I ever want to be. I like Kingston, but like you said— he’s an ass.”

“I think you would be really cute with Derek Jennings.” She raised her eyebrow and giggled. I hadn’t even thought of dating in the last two years, mostly because I didn’t think anyone would want to date someone who had a baby. Most seventeen and eighteen-year-old boys would be looking for flings, not complicated relationships. But now that Aria was suggesting it, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to go on a couple of dates. If I could find someone willing.

“Kenzie, you’re hot.” Aria laughed, reading my mind. “Guys won’t care that you have a kid. It’s old news. You will find a guy this year. Multiple men. And you will make King so jealous.”

Kingston’s POV

"Kingston!" I heard several deep voices yell from behind me as I put my stuff into my locker. 

"Coming to the party tonight?” Max hit my shoulder as they reached me. “Levi’s parents are out of town."

"I can’t." 

"Oh come on, old man.” Paul teased. “Why not?”

"It’s Monday, guys. I have Reese tonight.”

“Lame!” They all cheered and hit my locker as they continued on their way down the hallway.

I shut my locker and saw Kenzie walking towards me, so I awkwardly darted into the boy’s bathroom to avoid her. I didn’t want to talk about Reese with her, or anything for that matter. I wanted to start dating, but so far every girl I had asked out felt intimidated because they thought Kenzie had dibs. But I wanted to make it clear to everyone that Kenzie and I were not together in any way.

Kenzie’s POV

When I finally got home, which felt like ages after I had left, I wanted to just fall asleep right away. I was crossing my fingers that Reese would still be asleep, but of course I heard screaming as soon as I opened the door.

“Mommy!” She ran to me immediately when she saw me.

“Oh good, Mommy is home.” Madelyn sighed, sounding relieved.

“Hi baby girl.” I smiled as I picked Reese up. “Were you bad for Mimi today?”

“We’ve had a day, haven’t we kid?” Madelyn smiled. “We had a full-out tantrum in the middle of the grocery store and she cried the entire way home.”

“Did she take a nap?”

“Slept for eleven minutes and screamed for the rest of the hour I made her stay in bed.” She rolled her eyes at Reese. 

“You need to be nice to Mimi.” I told the two-year-old who was clinging tightly to me as I grabbed my backpack off the floor and carried her towards the basement stairs. “Let’s go downstairs and see if we can’t get you into a better mood because I know your dad won’t want to deal with you like this.”

“It’s your night off, Kenz. Don’t give in if he doesn’t want to take her!” Madelyn yelled after me. Reese had only been a few months old when Madelyn mandated that we both needed one night a week to call our own. I somehow ended up with Monday nights and I lived for them now. I loved being able to get my homework done without having Reese destroying my room or hurting herself. 

Kingston’s POV

“Reeses Pieces, what are you doing?” I sighed as I looked over to find Reese taking a break from her coloring book to instead color my dresser. After just the first day I had tons of homework, but it was hard to do homework and watch Reese.

“Pretty.” She smiled and pointed to the pink marker streak.

“I don’t need any more pink in here, Ree.” I sighed as I looked around to see Reese’s pink blanket and pink duck on my bed, her pink shoes by my closet and a variety of pink toys scattered throughout my room.

“Pink!” She cheered and made another streak on the dresser.

“No! Stop!” I yelled as I got up and grabbed the marker from her. “No more coloring in here!” 

Reese immediately started to wail. 

“Come on, let’s go take a bath and then we are going to put you to bed.”

“No bed!” She screamed as I picked her up.

Kenzie’s POV

“The terrible two’s end soon, right?” I cringed as I heard the screaming coming from downstairs.  I would’ve gotten up to help Kingston, but I knew that Madelyn would tell me to sit back down. She was always making sure he did his part, especially on his night to watch Reese.

“Soon.” She smiled, but didn’t know whether or not she was actually telling me the truth. “Soon she’s going to be a sassy teenager and you will wish she was still in the terrible two’s.”

She continued to smile as she cleaned up the kitchen. It had been a quiet night as Stella was gone at an event and Aria was at a friend’s house. She took my water glass and glance at my computer screen as she walked behind me.

“Kenzie, I hope you aren’t looking for a job.”

“Maddie, I want to help out.” I pleaded. “You let us live here; you take care of Reese during the day; you feed us. I want to be able to do something.”

“Honey,” She grinned as she pushed my laptop shut, “I love you for that, but you do not need to help out financially. I want you to focus on school and Reese, nothing else. You get good grades so you can go to college, and play with that stinker of yours because before you know it she’s going to be grown up and you won’t be able to get these precious years back. If you want to help out, you can clean the kitchen or unload the dishwasher or even make dinner. But don’t get a job. We are more than able to provide for you two. Okay?”

“Okay.” I nodded, though I still felt bad that I couldn’t be more help. I had never wanted them to think I was just using them for their money. Even though I was relieved that Reese would always be provided for, I was more relieved that she had a great family to grow up with. As an only child, it had taken me a while to adjust to the loud Bieber household, but now I was happy that my daughter was growing up in a house overflowing with love. It would’ve been perfect, had Kingston not been an absolute asshole towards me. But I continually reminded myself that I didn’t matter— Kingston was a great father to Reese and that was what was important.


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that sneak peak had me in tears already!!! I'm so happy you decided to write again! :)

Awe! Well I am going to try to have the first part posted TONIGHT! 

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No justin bieber Story anymore?

Justin Bieber will be a character, since he’s Kingston’s father. But not main character.

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Reese is Kingston's baby right ?


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Justin Bieber fanfictions! Three main stories, Somebody To Love, Catching Feelings and Already Broken. Start at the beginning by using the links on the top! I also do one shots by request!

Comments, ideas, feedback and questions are all welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading!

*If you are using a mobile device, copy and paste this URL to reach the main fanfiction page: bieberstoriesforyou.tumblr.com/stories

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